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Appartamenti all'Abetone
Appartamenti all'Abetone
Appartamenti all'Abetone
Appartamenti all'Abetone

With a strategic location in relation to Tuscany art cities, the Apennines Tosco Emiliano is one of the most popular places for the winter holidays with its impressive coniferous forest that immediately evokes sports and nature.
To the great local sportsmans (Zeno Colo, Cellina Seghi and Vittorio Chierroni) were devoted 5 of the 25 ski slopes that descend from the slopes. Abetone is crowned by towering peaks ranging from 1,300 to almost 2,000 meters above sea level: Passo della Selletta (1711 m asl) Passo della Fariola (1753 m asl) Passo d’Annibale (1735 m asl) Monte Gomito, (mt 1892slm) Alpe Tre Potenze and Faidello (1288 m asl) are well connected with each other, offer to the sportsmans more than 60 km of ski runs served by a system of ski lifts. Four beautiful valleys complete the scenery and the beauty of this mountain: Val di Luce, Valle Scoltenna, Sestaione Valley Val di Lima.

In Abetone, Ovovia ski lift is strategic in the framework of the ski and allows the connection between the various ski areas: Pulicchio, Val di Luce, Monte Gomito and Selletta. The slopes are regularly used for major national and international competitions due to their quality features of snow guaranteed thanks to implants of artificial snow. Among most significant events there is "Pinocchio skiing" at the end of March, recorded in the calendars of FIS, skiing championship reserved for children aged 8 to 15 years. As many as 20 nations send their promises youth selected in the various local races in this prestigious event. And then again competitive meetings, Women's European Cup, masters and cup competitions like Carving cup.
In Cutigliano a cableway connects with 2 cabins Doganaccia to Croce Arcana, 1,738 meters above sea level, from where you can enjoy one of the most extraordinary mountains view.

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Apartments in Abetone
Apartments in Abetone
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