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Appartamenti all'Abetone
Appartamenti all'Abetone
Appartamenti all'Abetone
Appartamenti all'Abetone

The main mountain Pistoia Apennines resort is definitely Abetone. Abetone town is born because of a road. Until the end of the eighteenth century in fact, to climb those hills there was some little road that climbed up Passo di Annibale or Fariola, or very little roads, few and scattered.
Despite difficulty of the undertaking, in the space of only 12 years, precisely in 1778, was celebrated the birth of "SS Abetone and Brennero." And also the name of Passo was renamed. Guilty of a tree which was so large that "six people put them all around with outstretched arms could not encircle the whole" here is Abetone.
At this point the "more" was done: was built the first nucleus of the future town, with Church completed in 1782 and split in two because of the state border that crossed . Boscolungo and Serra Bassa remained two distinct parts even after the unification of Italy, to return finally to merge in 1936, the year in which Abetone municipality was formed.

Tourism began to exist when Abetone was "discovered" by some families of Italian nobility, including Giacomo Puccini who owned a villa. But the first real tourism in Abetone was in 1930, when the engineer Lapo Uberti Farinati promoted the development of Pools Valley (Val di Luce) with projects that aimed to the realization of a large ski resort, with hotels, slopes and ski lifts. The effective exploitation of the area has already been completed in recent years when, thanks to the fame of the great ski champions Zeno Colo, Celina Seghi and Vittorio Chierroni, ABETONE has become one of the most famous ski resorts in Italy.

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Apartments in Abetone
Apartments in Abetone
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